Our Main Campsite

Our campsite is a 4 hour drive and a 30 minute boat ride from Manaus and is located on its own private island.

We will arrive at our main campsite the day of your arrival to stock up on supplies before heading into the rainforest. We will also spend one night at the campsite for a traditional goodbye brazilian bbq on the night before your departure back to Manaus.

* it is important to note that there is no wifi or internet connection while away on your survival excursion.

Our main campsite has three bedrooms that can fit 2 people per room. Guests also have the option to stay in hammocks at our main campsite. * We only spend the first night at our main campsite.
all your accommodation bookings will be explained before and after your booking.

During your time camping in the rainforest, we will be strictly sleeping in hammocks that we will set up at our shelter. We encourage that everyone takes part in building the shelter. Our campsite location varies on the environment and the weather conditions.

*You will only be spending your first night at our main campsite - otherwise we will spend our time camping and surviving in the jungle.